ZTE Code Generator program

Perhaps the only application at this moment which does not give false promise and which can really remove the SIM lock from your ZTE smartphone is the ZTE Code generator program. This program can be installed on your computer or tablet and you can utilize it to permanently resolve the SIM lock issue on any ZTE smartphone device.

Because the SIM lock issue on ZTE phone is currently one of the biggest problems which the users who have signed a long term contract with some of the major operators have, it is no wonder that many people are desperate to find out how they can remove the lock without having to complete their part of the contract.

Of course, it can be frustrating to wait 2 long years for a contract which you had no idea that it will restrict you into using only the SIM card from one network.

This has caused many headaches to many people, and should be banned for future practice.

The best unlock solution for your ZTE Phone

At this moment, the only method which will remove the SIM lock from your ZTE mobile phone is to use the official Code generator program. This application requires from the user to know the unique IMEI code of the ZTE device and to provide the name of the network carrier to which the device is locked on.

The program is free, and there are no additional costs or hidden fees which makes it the perfect choice for anybody who has doubts whether to try this unlock method. You have nothing to lose, and the gains will be enormous.

Once the device is unlocked, you can insert a new SIM card and connect to any network carrier that will suit your needs the best, regardless of the place you live in.

Free Unlock of your ZTE Phone with code generator

Follow these simple instructions to complete the SIM card unlock of your ZTE device:

  • Download the ZTE Unlock code generator (ZTE Unlock version)
  • Install the program and run it
  • From the list, choose the country and the network to which the ZTE phone is locked on
  • Enter the IMEI code of the device
  • Add a email address (this is the address where the unlock code will be sent)
  • Press on “Get Unlock Code”
  • Wait several minutes and check your email, the code should be sent within 30 minutes
  • Restart your ZTE phone, add the new SIM card and enter the Unlock code you have just received to complete the unlock
  • Enjoy using your newly unlocked device


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