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Wide-ranging Suite of Business Applications

Apptivo offers a wide-rangingset of business applicationsintended to assist the end-to-end needs of small and medium businesses. All the parts can be incorporatedor you can have separately only the ones you want. For example, these three parts below. Now perhaps you only want the Sale Tracking part. You can download that part only for a free trial or you can add Contact Manager by downloading both.


You will get 2 months free when you sign-up for the annual plan and after the 2 months free – then you can say no – not what you want.


With Apptivo, you can help your clients accomplish their business goals by providingthe Apptivo licenses as well as additional applications. These are the benefits from partnering with Apptivo.

Contact Manager

Simply download CRM system and store contacts, files, reminders, and communication history. If there is business growth you might need more apps, feel free to add them from the App Store at any time.

Sale Tracking

Managing your sale pipeline daily and you will, stay up on what employees are doing and what deals are being closed. The fields include:

  • Contacts
  • Clients
  • Leads
  • Opportunities

CRM & Billing

Yourclients can keep track of their sales and convert them into invoices.

Free period

Clients do not need a credit card for the 30-day free period. They can use any applicationsas much as they like in these 30 days. If they do not upgrade, then Apptivo will routinely downgrade them to the Starter plan.

How to pay

Apptivo accepts MasterCard, Visa and PayPal. Clients can upgrade anytime.

Cancellation Fee

There is no cancellation fee for the monthly plans. Clients can downgrade to the Starter plan or cancel anytime. Apptivo will not refund if the clients cancel on an annual plan.

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