Dermatec is a social enterprise making products that help our clients communicate better with their customers. Our product, a disposable patch that changes color into darker and darker shades of blue as you drink more and more alcohol. We don’t want you to stop drinking. In fact, we wouldn’t exist without alcohol. However, we want to encourage more socially responsible drinkers and designated drivers. It’s not about a medical detection of alcohol consumption, it’s about branding and social accountability.

ONUSBlue™ is the world’s first skin-based alcohol detection patch, it changes color while you drink becoming darker and darker shades of blue and provides a visual indication of alcohol consumption. As the world is becoming more and more connected, younger generations are observing what brands are doing. The patch is a way for brands to promote themselves and reach a more targeted audience while at the same time communicating a powerful message: it’s ok to drink, just be responsible. We hope to be the next generation of promotional products for alcohol beverage brands and much more. We hope to start a conversation about social accountability while including alcohol beverage brands in the conversation!Image result for site :http://www.derma-tec.com/shop.html


Our organization’s main goal is very straightforward: We look to take care of issues that exist in our own group and groups over the globe by utilizing innovation. At present, we utilize biochemical advances to diminish the rate of inebriated driving and untrustworthy drinking. We do this by conveying a proactive way to deal with the issue and empowering social obligation.. On the off chance that we can spare only one life through our main goal, it will be all justified, despite all the trouble.


Our primary concern depends on what number of lives we can affect. In the event that we can amplify an incentive to each client, we have done our occupation. For each 10,000 promised Designated Drivers, 7 lives are spared. What other cause is more prominent than sparing lives? As of now, just 1% of smashed driving events result in captures. Our imaginative approach is to give you a reason join our development by taking the ONUSpledge to end intoxicated driving. Everybody can get on-board…even liquor organizations!

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