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Ways Video Contents Can Increase Your Search Engine Optimization Efforts

The ability of Google to differentiate the good contents from the bad ones is starting to be more and more media-savvy and sophisticated. Search Engine Optimization strategies are beginning to favor the user experience instead of the old link building techniques. Spearheading this change is video content.

Although video contents are obviously can’t be “read” and contextualized by search engines like Google the same way that their algorithm processes quality articles and written materials, it is still a great method in climbing the SERP for different reasons.

In this article we will explore: the YouTube’s role, what are dwell time’s impact, on-site conversions increase, the boosted CTR or click-through-rate in search engine result page using rich snippets.

YouTube’s role in content marketing

First of all, we would like to share that YouTube is considered a search engine. It is very easy to consider Search Engine Optimization as a way for your website to rank higher or your content on Google. But SEO is the optimization of any content in the internet, and it is considered as one of the most popular search engines on the Internet today (it happens to be that Google also owns YouTube).

Considering SEO is in YouTube’s ecosystem is something most content creators should do. Your video content, as well as your channel, should be appropriately optimized to get your site rank higher within their search engine and in Google’s SERPs.

Google prioritizes videos, that is why if you properly optimize your channel and contents you can see a significant impact on search engine ranking pages as well. Using the right keyword planner tools and properly optimizing your video’s title, tags, metadata, and description are essential in providing your video content with a chance to get noticed and to thrive in the digital world.

The title of your videos should include relevant keywords and phrases that will rank higher on Google, at least break the first page. Your meta description should have at least 200 to 300 words, including all your keywords that are carefully placed. Your metadata should also have as much contextual info as possible to make sure that all your contents can be quickly discovered by your target market and know the messages you are trying to convey.


Dwell time impact

If pictures can paint a thousand words, it is safe to say that videos can tell a lot more. A well-produced, carefully planned, quality video content can help create your business and your brand’s identity as well as reputation by conveying your messages effectively to your target market and showing what your business is all about engagingly and compellingly.

From a Search Engine Optimization’s perspective, it is very important because the time visitors spend on your website is a critical ranking signal to the search engine’s algorithm. The longer they stay on your website, the more trust you will get from Google, and you will get a higher rank from them.

The more time they spend in your site exploiting your contents, the more likely they will engage a lot more with your brand and your business in general. Clicking different pages in your site is also essential when it comes to search engine ranking pages.

You also need to ensure that your target market spends a lot of time staying in your site. Even the presence of a quality, well-made video content can give search engines an idea that your website contains relevant and vital information, and it ultimately boosts your SERPs ranking as well as increase your site’s traffic.

As part of Search Engine Optimization strategy, you need to closely monitor all the metrics like the bounce rate and the dwell time to help you identify if your website’s ranking and traffic increase after putting video contents.

To better understand SERP, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_results_page.


On-site conversions increase

Search Engine Optimization is accepted as a strategic way to increase the website ranking, but its primary goal is to maximize on-site conversions. Trying to attract traffic to your website is half the battle, which is to get all the generated traffic to convert.

Depending on your marketing objectives, video contents can be used to attract traffic to sign up in your mailing list, follow all your social media accounts, inquire about particular product or services you are offering, or purchase directly. When you receive new visitors, you will have a few seconds to impress and convey to them your messages. It is where the power of video contents can be used at its maximum. You can achieve a lot more in mere seconds compare to using written materials.

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