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What is VoIP? Is It Cheaper Than A Standard Phone?

VoIP means voice over Internet Protocol, also referred as Internet Telephony, Internet Calling or IP Telephony. VoIP is an alternate method of making phone calls and are very cheap or can be completely free of cost. VoIP doesn’t always require a telephone set these days. It is the latest and fast growing technology which started in the last decade.

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Advantages of VoIP over traditional phones

The first reason is the cost. Businesses use telephone service for marketing and customer services. They have to bear a lot of costs if they use traditional calls and international prices are too much. Therefore, these days they use VoIP services to interact with the customers. The customer is also benefitted as they can hang on the phone for a long time until their query is replied to their satisfaction.

For individuals, it has opened a new way to interact with people. The fact is that VoIP has revolutionized voice calling throughout the globe. They can also have fun with their mobile phones or computers with another person sitting in the opposite part of the world.

Skype is one such pioneering service which made VoIP so famous. Skype allows you to share video, voice and instant messages from anywhere to anywhere in the world.

You can also use VoIP service through your home phone and use the service very cheap or for free.

You can use VoIP from anywhere you are, it all depends on the type of VoIP service you are using. You can use it from your office, at home, during travelling, from the beach, and anywhere you want.

If VoIP is free then why is it cheap?

VoIP used from computer or mobile is free, but if used using PSTN service, it has a cost. But if you compare with the cost of traditional telephoning service, VoIP PSTN service is very cheap. The cut of costs can be thrilling; around 80 to 90 percent of saving you can do with the help of VoIP international calls. Geandstream GXP1625 IP Phone Dubai is an excellent phone to be used for VoIP calls.

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