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Video Technology for Marketing is Becoming More Important for SEO

It was only a few years ago that all SEO and marketing people were wondering how mobile technology would effect and change the way companies would do advertising and marketing.Now that mobiles are commonly used by consumers, most companies are quickly jumping on the marketing bandwagon with “online video marketing.”

Video communication

Currently, video communication in marketing is 70% of all internet traffic and is predicted to become more in the next few years.YouTube is the second largest search engine and now a very large part of marketing and especially advertising.Most SEO companies work hard to offer first page Google result, but very few companies’ offers smart strategy. Did you know that 30 second videos are more effective than writing thousands of words?

Video software

There are still some problems that remain when it comes to using video for marketing and SEO – especially for businesses that are small.However,SEO and Video Marketing Companyoffer you two ways to make your own videos or use their custom solutions. Template based video makingis much more simplified and accessible, due to the ease of:

  • Shooting
  • Editing
  • Distributing

Now affordability for small businesses are not much of an issue because there is a largevariety of video stylessuch as white board videos, 3D design videos and explanation videos, to promote your business. All that isneeded to do is to find a unique selling proposition for you. You can make your own video using the URL given below:



Smartphones companies are making sure that they are fulfilling the market demand at each release and every smart phone offers better camera capability. We have the ability to capture videos in our palms without spending your dollars on costly cameras. One of the best SEO strategies is to keep it real. SEO specialists suggest if you want real traffic, don’t forget to share your insight on social media. This is the best way to connect with your audience without traveling anywhere, and smartphones make it possible.

Improves SEO

Industry facts and figuresconvey that an average user is exposed to at least 33 videos in a month. 90% of the users have the urge to buy products when they have viewedcommercial videos. Visual memory is significantly more stable due to that 80% user recall video ads, then text ads. 1/3 of online consumers prefer watching videos over reading. On top of that you get free marketers because over 62% of the marketing population shares videos with others if they are impressed. Although,subsequently posting a video is not enough, it has to be optimized with the right content with proper researched keywords. In our opinion you need experts for better results.


To conclude, using good quality videos for advertising and marketing are extremely vital when it comes to marketing online, as well as SEO.If you are looking for that competitive edge to increase the popularity of your brand, your sales team needs to learn how to create and use online video for marketing.The uses of videos will also help a company’s SEO; getting them on the first page of Google as well as other search engines. Using videos is as important as writing good copies years ago for positive SEO results.

For further information, I would recommend you to go to aresult oriented and professional company https://seoandvideomarketing.com.au/thatcan helpbuild your SEO strategies and can use video marketing as one of the best tools for you.

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