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Video Conferencing System Creates Efficient Information Integration Channels

Today, any business out of the network cannot survive, the traditional enterprises in the gradual transformation and upgrading, the recent business with the continuous development of the network, in fact, a large number of modern enterprises have embarked on a network of roads and is unprecedented Speed ​​forward.

We said the network is not just simply refers to the Internet, but a system, is a member of each enterprise or with each customer and each supplier can be free between the exchange, quickly reach the goal Efficient communication system. And this system is achieved by video conferencing.

The openness of the policy, the favorable environment of the environment, the economic leap has given our enterprises to provide a great space for development, small and medium enterprises have sprung up in the market economy in the hypertrophy of the soil growth, growth, global economic integration to this group In the emergence of a large number of businesses throughout the country’s private enterprises, they are increasingly fierce competition in the stand out, can occupy the initiative naturally have their excels, in fact, it is also very simple to grasp the development of science and technology, technology To drive productivity.

Among them, the most significant application of science and technology is the use of the network, through the video conferencing system to achieve efficient communication within and outside the enterprise. Network video conferencing in recent years has been favored by small and medium enterprises, some such as ezTalks, WebEx and other outstanding manufacturers have been widely used in this combination of real-time audio and video interactive and collaborative office unified communication platform, no matter where Of the two or more people can be accessible between the face-to-face information exchange.

The videoconferencing system is the most effective way to meet the needs of people for remote communication, auditory, body language or language expression, collaborative office, and so on, which makes the enterprise’s investment in the network, has a great income. Can do this, from the video conferencing system born with the various video conferencing advantages:

One, simplicity

The use of network video conferencing systems do not need to have a strong professional skills, as long as the use of computer people, all know that with the supplier to provide the account, password landing video conferencing system, the operation method is easy to understand. At present, China’s largest video conferencing rental platform – ezTalks, to provide video conferencing services for the majority of users, users have any problems in the use of ezTalks can be linked at any time to solve, do not require users to maintain the system upgrade, in addition to account There is no other hardware equipment investment and maintenance costs.

Second, the economy

Remove a large number of hardware equipment investment and maintenance of video conferencing system rental mode, so that the cost of video conferencing has become more mobile phone calls, or even lower, compared to a few years ago using the video conferencing system required a huge investment compared to the difference In other places, compared with the cost of hardware video conferencing, network video conferencing cost-effective is second to none.

Third, mobility

The new network video conferencing solution will be limited to the conference room used in the video conferencing system can be extended to access the network anywhere, with a portable PC terminal, tablet terminal or mobile terminal, anytime, anywhere can work for The user provides the most convenient conditions of use and higher efficiency.

In this era of network, to find more efficient and convenient information integration channel is to determine whether the enterprise can occupy the market an important part of the opportunity. Video conferencing system for enterprises to provide this channel, its powerful features can replace other types of communication, as modern enterprises in the information technology and network deployment on the powerful driving force.

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