Various types of motorcycle helmets

Sometimes it would be quite confusing when you have to choose right helmet. If you visit any website you can find various distinct types of motorcycle helmets for sale. By seeing these different types of helmets your mind gets confused which one to buy. There is different type of helmets for different types of riders. So you should choose the helmet which suits your riding condition and style and it should be comfortable. If the helmet is not much comfortable then you probably can’t wear it or doesn’t take the full feel of the bike riding. Let us discus different types of motorcycle helmets available out there.

Full face helmets – As it names suggest it is complete helmet which covers your entire face and head from back to front. You have frame for your eye which you can open at time when you need. You get different sizes according to ones need. There are small to extra large motorcycle helmets available which can fit even in the biggest heads. It also comes with a chin bar which is a safety precaution as most accident hurts are cause in this specific area.

Modular helmets – They are full helmets but their chin bar can be pulled up just like the visor. Some of these helmets also come with dual eye visor one is placed inside in black colour. So, it blocks sun direct rays both can be shifted upwards if in case you don’t want to use it. These helmets are marvellous and suit the need of most of the riders. In look it looks like an impressive alien tech. It’s easy to eat something if you are wearing a modular helmet.

Open face helmets – This is specifically designed to suit the needs of cruiser and scooters. The open face helmets are strong in terms of safety. It uses the same material in padding and impact resistance as the full faced helmets. It doesn’t have chin bar and sometimes it’s without visor also it gives you a lighter feel. It’s recommended for cruiser bikers who take their bike for the long run.

XXS motorcycle helmetXXS motorcycle helmet or off-road type helmets are basically different from the regular full-face type helmet in many aspects. They offer sun peaks and angular chin bars. There is a lot of ventilation offered in these helmets. You also get maximum type of protection as its weight is decreased and it can be an expensive stuff. These types of helmets are used by professional for motocross racing and other racing.

Dual sport helmets – They are a mixture of off road helmets and full-face helmets. They offer you more style than normal with a sun peak. They provide you good ventilation so you don’t feel warm inside it. They come with a built-in visor and a chin bar which is bit truncated. Dual sport helmet offers its wearers versatility like no other helmet.

You can find all these helmets in various design in easily just choose the perfect one for yourself.

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