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Variables to Consider when Buying A Printer

3There are lots of printer models out there, which can make it very hard to determine which one you should buy. Obviously, you could just go with whatever you can afford, but that does not mean, necessarily, that you are getting the best for your dollars.  Instead of just picking up whatever is on the cheap this week, you should weigh a few variables to get a better idea of how this machine will best serve you both now and in the future.

VARIABLE #1:  Up Front Cost

There are two basic types of printer:  inkjet and laser.  Inkjet printers tend to be more affordable. In fact, the least expensive laser jet printer is often still twice as much as the least expensive inkjet printer. Still, this does not mean that you should just buy the first 123ink.ca inkjet printer you find.  You also need to think about what type of printing you will be doing. Those who do a lot of printing might appreciate that the laser printer is also much faster. However, if you just need to print reports and resumes—simple, basic things—then the more affordable inkjet might, indeed, be the right choice.

VARIABLE #2:  Upkeep Cost

What you pay for a printer, though, does not end at the retail outlet where you bought it.  Like many other machines in your life, a printer has upkeep costs, mostly in terms of buying ink and paper.  Sure, these components are easy to replace and convenient enough to buy around town or online.  Still, you need to not only compare how much an inkjet printer versus a laser printer will be, but you also want to compare how much it is going to cost when you have to replace the ink down the road.

VARIABLE #3:  Print Speed and Quality

At the end of the day, the dollar amount you are willing to pay for your new printer should be dictated by how well your printer works and this is determined by print speed and print quality.  Print speed, of course, is how fast a printer can finish a job.  Print quality, of course, is how well a printer can fabricate the job on paper.  Rarely do you have a printer that can maximize both.  Basically, then, you need to know that a laser printer can finish simple jobs 3.5 times faster than an inkjet, but inkjets can print images and other things that laser printers cannot.

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