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Top 4 Desirable Features in a Pdf Editor for Mac

Being able to edit a pdf document is a great feeling. When you lock the document and still feel that something is missing in it, the pdf editor can help in many ways. As most of the users rely on Mac for gaining access to functionalities, the pdf editor for mac is something that everybody was looking for. Here are the top 4 desirable features in this editor that help make its best use.

  • Fast speed

The editor should provide support in the form of fast organization and processing of the page. The speedier arrangement and editing helps save time; is this not what tools are meant for? The users expect it to provide good reading experience along with the speedy editing. Smooth scrolling, quick search and adding annotations can help in revising the data faster. This feature is of great use in revising documents like theses.

  • Simple functions

The actual act of editing should not be the rocket-science. Users look for support that allows them paying attention to the edit being made instead of worrying about how to carry the edit. Thus, selection, dragging and editing the document has to be sophisticated enough to ensure ease of use.

  • Edit from anywhere

Users are used to working while on the move. Thus, editor should have the convenience of cloud technology and should allow the user to edit the document from any location, using any device of the choice. Also, sharing the edited file across the devices such as iPad, iPhone and Mac should be made possible.

  • Enabling filling of forms

It is desirable to fill the pdf form and sign it too without involving paper and pen. Such convenience can help carry out the transactions faster and save time in business processes.

So, these PDF Converter features form the food for thought for the designers. Pick the one that offers most or all of these features and make your life easier than ever.

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