Steps To Clean Your Device From Virus and Spyware

One of the major problems that you face in your device usage is the virus and spyware in them. These are the two things that influence your device quite specifically. On one end, virus damages all your computer contents, whereas on the other side spyware steals all your data, cookie details and several other usage data from your PC and browsers. Here is a step by step guidance to remove the same from your PC.

Remove Slave Drives

It has been seen that even the best software who promises to remove viruses and spyware from your system, results in deletion of files from slave disks. You will never want that and allow that too. So, try to remove your slave disks from the system at the beginning and then run the tests.Image result for Steps To Clean Your Device From Virus and Spyware

Remove Temp Files

Your next step will be to remove the temporary files from the system. This will reduce the pressure, the software will put on the device. Only the slave drives are left and they are to be dealt now. So, follow the temp file path and remove all of them. Initially go to the run menu and put %temp% there. This will fetch you the temporary files of your device. Now select them all and throw those away from the device.

Restore The Drives

Now repeat the scan after installing the drives. Virus & Spyware Removal has been done from the root. Now check the supportive files, that are infected and then remove those all. You will have to go for a deep scan here, this time, which will check the full PC.

Test Your Device

The fourth step is to test whether the checking is complete or not. This is a very easy task, if the procedure is known to you. Simple try to reach the websites of the anti-virus providers. If you can reach there, your task is completed. If not, your task is still not completed. Repeat the same process again.

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