How Social media works with SEO

The internet is full of references to Digital Media Marketing, SEO, “Go to this link and gain x amount of followers”. If you haven’t stumbled across these terms while using social media then you’re probably doing it wrong.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media work hand in hand to help you as a business or public figure grow and increase your potential and actual income.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the manipulation of search engine results to influence the standings of your website to ensure it appears high on the list of returned results.Image result for How Social media works with SEO

Why is this important?

If SEO is done correctly and within the webmaster rules, it can increase the amount of unique traffic to your site, which can in-turn increase the potential and actual earnings of your business.

The more unique visitors that visit your site increase the potential of the success of AdSense and other ad related marketing. Those unique visitors also mean there are more new customers that may buy your product or pay for your services. And lastly, those visitors gives your product more exposure in the marketplace. SEO done properly isn’t limited to just one of those things mentioned either, it can lead to all three.

Is Social Media the only way to make use of SEO?

Social media is not the only method of utilizing SEO, you can use other methods such as network blogging, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and link building. However, using these tactics along with social media can give your rankings a large boost.

How is this so?

Let’s take a look at companies like Vibbi, what they have done and what service they provide to help businesses boost their rankings.

With social media you have a profile, views, followers (for a business profile) or friends and likes (engagement).

With our general understanding of these elements of social media, we can see how it can add another source of visitors to your website. This can help increase the general exposure of your business which can then help increase the amount of money you can make through sales and AdSense.

How do platforms like Vibbi work?

Consistency is a key factor in growing an effective brand and SEO. This is what platforms like Vibbi provide for a business.

Keeping your business profile up to date with all the latest and trending news will help platforms like Vibbi ensure that your clients stay current with the news.

Vibbi will post consistently on your behalf which will lead to business growth and help promote your brand. This is an essential tool when making sure your marketing department is utilizing all aspects of SEO.

Lastly, social media marketing is an important aspect of a business marketing plan. It’s also a vital tool for promoting your business and interacting with your consumers.

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