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R4 3DS Price: How Much We Should Pay For An R4 Card For 3DS In Italy?

3DS R4 card is hot to buy now in worldwide, if you are in Italy and want to know the reasonable price to buy the R4 3DS card, I would like to give you help here.

Why to choose 3DS R4 card in Italy?

For you who still do not know about r4 card for 3ds consoles, let me explain to you its origins and functions here.

R4 3ds cards were released in 2011 after 3DS was on the market.They are third version of R4 cards.They can support 3DS,3DS XL,DSi,DSi XL,DS Lite and DS. And also can be upgraded. R4 3DS has many featured representatives. R4i sdhc 3ds, R4I gold 3ds, R4isdhc 3ds series, even the supercard dstwo can be called R4 3ds card too. These flashcards all can work directly on the latest 3ds/3ds xl v9.2.0-20 and dsi v1.4.5. Very popular and well-known in the market. And more and more nintendo users buy r4 3ds to enjoy free downloaded games on their different consoles.

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For nintendo 3DS console owners, choose r4 card or retail game card for playing games?

Buy much cheper but more functional R4 3ds for playing games on 3ds/3ds xl/2ds is all wise gamers’ option. Every hot R4 3ds has the following features:

  • Come from a long history team and updates regularly
  • It has been developed well and regarded the most mature product in the market
  • Confirmed no harm to nintendo console
  • Support more than 5500 game roms with one micro sd card
  • Equip with many features such as RTS, AR Cheat and more.
  • Homebrews and apps supported.
  • Watch movie, listen to music, read e-books and vview pictures are allowed with r4 3d card.
  • Much cheaper compared with retail game card.

What’s the reasonable price to buy R4 card in Italy?

The R4 card is not with high price itself, here I use one R4 online shopping site in Italy to show you their price range. If you find too expensive or too cheap R4 card, do not buy from those sites.

R4I GOLD 3DS 18 €
R4I SDHC 3DS 18 €
ACE3DS PLUS 10,99 €
R4I GOLD PRO 2017 12,99 €
Average Price 14.9 €

Which is the most expensive and the cheapest R4 3ds card?

The cheapest R4 3ds card is Ace3ds plus, it is released by ace3ds.com and used the very old wood firmware and with many built-in emulators. However, the flash card can not be updated, that means once the 3DS Firmware stop the R4 card, your Ace3ds plus will not work any longer. So think again to buy this R4.

The most expensive R4 cards are the R4i sdhc 3ds and R4i gold 3ds. Both are the best-sellers for years. Recommend you choose each of the R4 card in Italy, as for their differences, you can e-mail to admin@sky3dsitalia.com to know better.

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