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Proposed SEO Trends for 2017

For many years search engine optimisation (SEO) has played a vital role in the growth of businesses across industries, with companies all over the world choosing to implement SEO strategies in order to receive the maximum amount of custom and business. However, with the search engines constantly striving to improve and succeeding in doing so it is imperative that companies using SEO change their strategies in line with the search engines in order to keep and improve keyword rankings.

Today we are going to discuss some of the top SEO trends anticipated for the year ahead:

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): AMP allows for websites and web pages to load quickly on mobile devices and tablets, which is of course a huge advantage. No one wants their web pages to take ages to load on mobile devices, as this can leave potential customers leaving a site and choosing an alternative provider. Google is already giving preference to AMP pages, so this is something in which ass companies need to quickly consider if wanting to achieve the best possible rankings.

Quality Content: For years people have been sharing the same content across the web, just worded slightly differently to other articles that they’ve seen .However there is now a larger focus on unquiet content that is informative an relevant. When writing blogs posts people must do their research and ensure that they are putting out valuable pieces in which their customers and clients actually want to read.

Branding: It is anticipated that in 2017 all businesses including small businesses will be taking advantage of personal branding – something in which has been a core part of many SEO strategies for numerous years now. Focusing on personal branding is one sure way or opening up more opportunities.

User experience: If you care about your rankings, you must care about your customers too – providing them with the best experiences possible no matter what device they may be using. Ensure that you’re not only using SEO for desktop but also taking advantage of mobile SEO services and optimisation techniques to ensure that all people that visit your website have a great experience. This is now more important than ever with a soaring number of people using their smartphones to search for things that they need.

Local SEO: Last year local SEO became incredibly important, and the importance of local SEO is only going to continue to grow throughout 2017. Google keeps giving preference to local area base searched, allowing users to quickly access relevant information. Make sure that you’re targeting local based keywords in your SEO campaign, that you’re making the most of business directories such as Yell and that you are urging your customers to leave you Google Reviews. If you are also using the Google AdWords platform to market your business, you should make the most of local ad extensions too.

If you are new to SEO and after reading this have become quickly baffled and confused we would urge you to get in touch with an SEO expert who will be able to provide more information about the tips above and assist you on your personal journey.

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