Preparing for The Best Speech You’ll Give

According to, 10 percent of people love giving speeches, 10 percent have extreme anxiety speaking in front of people, and 80 percent of people get nervous and experience butterflies. Giving public speeches are not always fun for many. Some people get so nervous that they experience extreme nausea, panic attacks and even passing out right before they know that they are going to give a public speech. But, there are those who love giving speeches because they have done it so much. They have found a way to overcome their anxiety and use their adrenaline, rush feeling they experience when giving speeches to their benefit. To be successful at giving an impressive speech, you need to make sure that you do your research, plan, and record yourself. 

When you know that you have a big speech coming up, you will want to do as much as research as possible. To avoid doing a poor job on your speech, you want to make sure that preparation is something that you make a top priority. Many people feel that they are not successful or good at giving a speech due to the speech anxiety that they possess. According to, 75 percent of people suffer from speech anxiety and out of all the phobias out there in this world, public speaking was one of the highest. However, it is important to realize that with lots of research about your topic and preparation, you still can succeed at your speech. Make sure you take a lot of notes and write out your speech and practice reading it out loud. 

You also want to make sure that you plan. This means that you look at your schedule and you make time to insert practice schedules for your speech. Ask friends or family to come over and practice reciting your speech in front of them. Practicing in front of people will help you overcome some anxiety because you are conditioning yourself to speak in front of people and feel okay doing it. You can also make notes on your practice speech that will help you deliver your speech efficiently and write in pointers on the side index space of your speech. For example, you can write: “Sound loud here” or “Read here.” Simple commands that will assist you in remembering how to conduct your speech. 

Lastly, you want to make sure that you record yourself giving a practice speech and the actual official speech. Find an electronic device that will help you hear yourself giving the speech. There are many advanced devices out there on the market that have high quality 3D type of hearing and recording. Also, there are devices that are wireless that you can hide in your ear, so you can record yourself during your actual official speech. Take time to browse the internet of high quality 3D type of recording devices. You can play the recording over and over, listening to yourself give the speech so you know what to improve. It is important to hear yourself speak so that you know what you can change and improve.

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