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Is it possible to make international calls at a dirt cheap rate?

We can’t deny the fact that calling family members, friends and lovers who stay overseas can definitely cost you a fortune as calling countries like Australia, India, Nigeria can cost you a huge amount of money. However, you will be rather happy to know that if you know the right way in which you should call, you can even make international calls free of cost. The best way in which you can do this depends entirely on your circumstances. If you’re wondering how you could make cheap international calls which are dirt-cheap, you can read on the concerns of this article.

What types of calls do you usually make?

You need to understand all the possible options for calling so that you’re clear about which is the cheapest. Remember that price should not be the only factor, convenience of the procedure should also be taken into account, especially when you’re someone who occasionally makes international calls. The most appropriate option will depend on a number of factors like where you’re calling, in what way you’re calling, how often you make the call and how much effort and time goes into making the call and cutting down costs.

You always need to check if you could call free of cost. If you can’t, then there are few thumb rules. Here are few points to check:

  • Are you making a one-off call?

If yes, you can use an ‘instant dial’ override provider along with your mobile or your landline. This is definitely not the cheapest option but it involves very few obstacles with regards to setting up accounts.

  • Do you make occasional calls?

How about using a paid VoIP service like dialing a number from a mobile or a landline? This process may take a slight longer time to set up but this is definitely cheaper as it can make numerous calls. Suppose, you are calling to Nigeria, you can also get NobelCom Nigeria phone cards through which you can make cheap international calls.

  • Do you make regular calls to a specific destination?

If you’re this type of a customer, you need to make regular overseas calls, particularly to a single destination. You might have to commit to some monthly plan but you can definitely earn considerable savings through this process.

Paid calls vs. the web – Which is cheaper?

If you can’t make the calls for free, for example if the person you wish to call is not online, or doesn’t use any free online service, you can curb off call costs. For such calls you can use Skype which lets you pay the non-Skype users. However, there are many other companies which offer you call at a cheaper rate. And in case you call through landline phone, you may even use a calling card which can help slash off the costs.

If you don’t use any other calling card or other options to cut down call rates, it’s not worth making international calls as you can blow a hole in your wallet thereafter. Hence, take into account the above mentioned points to save money.

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