Manage Tech Debt With The Help Of Tech Debt Ratio

When you want to find a solution for the ever increasing tech debt, then you have to be vigilant and follow some specific process diligently. Finding the tech debt ratio is one of the many processes. Whenever to release codes in the market it is evident that it will incur debt in due course of time and this tech debt if ignored will affect the performance and functionality of the code. Users will leave you and slowly but surely your business will come to an end. Therefore, taking active measures and proper refactoring is paramount for the survival of your company.

Time For Refactoring

You will have to know how much debt is useful and when is the time that you must go for refactoring. This is not a very simple process mind you. Tech debt does not have any figurative value in which you can express it and decide the quantum of its existence so that you can take the decision whether or not to refactor or work on it. The tech debt ratio will also help you in deciding the amount of tech debt and also in adjudging the correct time for refactoring a code. It is better to express tech debt as a ratio rather than any abstract figure which is difficult to understand for the development and marketing team as well.

tect debt

Benefits Of It

Tech debt ratio is a very useful metric for the management if tech debt and is also easy to understand for you as the product owner, your technical team as well as the non-technical team. It also saves a lot of time as you do not require special sessions and training to make others understand. Everyone knows about the technical details and can keep a watch on the progress of the code. Being a single number, it makes planning your next action easier as well. The rules of expressing tech debt regarding a ratio are simple, and you can get more information about the rules if you check online. Also learn about consolidating credit card debt which is much useful these days and you might be in need of it anytime.

The Affecting Factors

Few factors affect the calculation of tech debt ratio and not as an abstract number. Considering the work day is very important as on it will depend on the correct time in which you should address the code. The number of code lines will also alter the time taken for refactoring as greater the number will mean more minute scrutiny and reworking. You should also check all the related codes that may be affected when a line is altered in the code base. Apart from that, you should also consider the currency.  

Determine The Size

Tech debt ratio enables you to get the actual size of the debt incurred as it is expressed and shared regarding work days and currency. You get the numerical figure, the utility, and then determine the correct process of refactoring. It will also help you to decide whether the debt is good or bad, whether or not it is a legacy code depending on the duration of its use and much more.

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