Led Lighting Solutions among Road Signs

The road is an integral part of the city, and it must be said that this is a special area of ​​risk, which should be as safe as possible for the driver. One of the components of this security is quality, thoughtful and correct lighting. This applies not only to the lanterns that will show you the way, but also all other road components that regulate the movement of cars. Led lighting solutions in this area are an important component. Active, bright, translucent road signs have long been popular in Europe, which will be visible even if the lamp goes out. This is especially true for road markers and speed.

Large intersections require close attention on the part of all road users, as well as a clear visibility of vehicles and pedestrians, signage and marking are the key to preventing accidents. Bright, well-focused, glare-free lighting makes a significant contribution to road safety. On the other hand, railway and underground stations and bus terminals are important elements of the architectural self-assessment of the city, and lighting design plays a key role in the perception of urban culture. The advanced led lighting solutions provide designers with greater flexibility in providing pleasant lighting, excellent visibility, clear guidance and positive aesthetic appeal while improving safety. Moreover, LED technology is economical due to low energy consumption and easy maintenance.

Active road signs and scoreboard

The activity of a road sign means that it is possible to change its basic concept at the right time. Simply put, the active road sign looks like a small screen, which will display a particular sign using LED lighting. A huge plus of such a sign is its mobility. Depending on the situation on the road or the activity of the car stream, you can change its contents with the help of the program, and not make a new one. Active road signs led lighting solutions are able to be controlled by the controller, as well as the length of service.

The same principle of operation is used and LED displays. They are clearly visible on the road and are able to quickly inform the driver about changes or activity on the road. They can display both graphical and textual information.

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