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Landing url – Voice search- It’s now revolutionising the SEO world

Google keeps on modifying its algorithm, and we think that it’s a never-ending process. There is nothing unusual, while we find fluctuations in Penguin or Panda. Google launches over 500 algorithms every year. This picture is common to other search engines as well.

Now, have you noticed the latest trend, affecting the SEO? It is the voice query- A type of two-way interaction. There are more statistical facts on voice search that will surely amaze you

  •    The average time to load the webpage for a voice search is 4.6 seconds
  •    Most of the voice queries are short and precise, covering 29 to 30 words
  •    The easily readable content is helpful in the SEO, based on voice searches
  •    Featured Snippet is the source of responses of all speech-based queries

The smart online marketers and SEO professionals are trying to customise their marketing techniques. They have realised that the typed-out keywords are losing their value. Visit for getting amazing discounts on SEO related products and services.

We have talked about the ways how this voice search process will cause an effect on SEO in the future.

Voice query technologies- Working in a unique way

For the online users, we like to say that it is effortless to do voice search by using Google. It is also much simpler than typing a word. The main thing that you should do is to hit the small microphone symbol. Then, everything is set for you.

After clicking the icon, the system gives you time for making inquiries or for starting your speech. Microphone makes your voice clearly audible, and you will also get the right results from it. In this process, you can begin your voice search.

Mobile-friendly search increasing

Lots of internet users feel that it is easier to start a apply their voice or speech than to type a request in the search box. The overall effect from this new search gets increased due to the use of Smartphone of most of the users. The researchers have found that over 50% of teens use voice search system as it turns them much tech-savvy.

Longer-tail keywords gaining more values

The keywords, with a shorter tail, are losing their relevance while the users do voice search with the use of common phrases. Twenty per cent of queries from the mobile platforms is voice queries. Thus, you have to make sure that you have used the appropriate keyword for tracking these searches. The more extended tail keywords will help you in getting a better result from SEO. You may choose the keywords, which relates the benefits and features of your products.

Applying the natural language

For most of the users, the speech patterns and the writing style are different. For instance, while you are trying to type the search words, you write in this way- Weather condition Russia. However, while using the voice search system, you like to utter the full question- What is the present weather condition in Russia?

Thus, you have to modify your keywords to make the SEO, optimised for the new voice search.

Due to the more refined programming, the percentage of error is decreasing. More marketers have the interest to do voice search optimisation.

Directories gaining more values to the local companies

Most of the customers look for local business reviews online. Thus, the review sites and directories rule all those searches. Therefore, you have to list your business in Google My Business and various other websites. It is essential to add photos and show your responses to the customers. Insert keywords to the product description. You should also add your business name and address on various platforms and websites.

Use phrases for framing questions

When the customers are using voice to search for information, it’s better to choose the terms, used by most of the users. For instance, how, why, who, when and other terms are used for creating the questions. The users, who look for tutorials, use these terms.

This is advantageous to develop an FAQ page, which is aimed at the users, preferring voice search technology.

Voice-based search turning out to be a good standard.

Although voice query efforts will transform the SEO world, the marketers will get peace as these are all intended for the positive results.

You know that typing is a slower process than uttering the words. While you can type twenty words a minute, you can speak hundreds of words within that time. Moreover, due to the high level of accuracy with this voice search, the online users like to rely on it.

In the present world, the modern users always look for brands and websites that personalised to them. That is why the innovative voice assistant devices have met their needs. These devices are capable of identifying the vocal style of the users and detecting their expressions.

Updating the Hummingbird of Google

Google likes to bring in a transformation by updating Hummingbird.  This recent update focuses on a semantic search that is helpful to make the result more precise. All searches are organised with phrases and sentences.

To conclude, we want to say that as there is an increasing use of advanced voice search, you have to think of this trend while doing SEO. Your website must be optimised for this type of browsing process. While you have successfully done SEO, you should modify it to make it suitable for any voice query. You may also hire professionals, who have skills in this type of optimisation. It is better to keep away from using Flash content on your website. You should also follow other tips that we have mentioned for you in detail.

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