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Did You Know, Real Rummy Can Teach You Work Ethics?

Playing rummy requires a certain skill set, which keeps on developing over time. As we improve our playing techniques and strategies, we tend to internalize the acquired skills. We notice that how we approach the game in turn improves our approach different areas in our life.

By playing real rummy, we start seeing a difference in our work ethics as well. This is because the qualities we imbibe while practicing rummy regularly, filter their way to how we conduct ourselves in our work life as well. Consequently, there is a positive impact on our work performance as well. Read on to find out how real rummy impacts our work life.

Work ethics we learn from real rummy

  • Honing our skills through discipline

If we want to excel in rummy, we need to first work on many skills and attributes such as being observant, analytical, cognizant and so on. We need to learn about the different moves and strategies which can save us when dealt a bad hand. We need to learn to be on our toes all the time and make decisions in a matter of seconds. All of this comes through a disciplined playing routine, which helps us work on these skills every day. This disciplined approach is a fundamental part of any good work ethic. Our work requires us to be sincere, open to learning, and disciplined.

  • Practice and Patience

Along with discipline, playing real rummy requires us to be patient as well. It takes considerable time and practice to acquaint ourselves with the intricacies of the game. Moreover, even when we become pros at the game, we should remember that not each day would be in our favor. Tried and tested methods and strategies might fail in new situations. The same applies when it comes to work as well. There will be unfortunate times in our careers, there will be days when all our plans for the day might fail. At times like these, it is important to hold on to our patients for as long as we can and work our way for better opportunities.

  • Adaptation and Innovation

Many times it so happens that we do not get the required cards either from the closed deck or the open deck. Sometimes, we will need to depend on wildcards to form a sequence. Or maybe, we lose a certain amount of money in a cash rummy. In such situations, it is important to adapt to the circumstance and innovate our solutions as we go. In our work life as well, we might be stuck in an unwanted situation. We might not have access to our usual resources. In these tricky situations, we adapt and find creative and new ways and resources to do the job. Adaptation and innovation are important attributes to develop.


To summarize, we tend to internalize the qualities and attributes we develop while acquainting ourselves withrummy. This is not only ideal but also extremely important, as these qualities have a positive influence on our work ethics and enhance our work performances.

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