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Keep Yourself Prepared For All Kind of Weather: Top 5 Weather App for Android In 2017

Just a century ago, we were just saying, “Hello!” to the people from whom we receive a call. In this contemporary century, the technology has made its way to an extream level of success. The need of gadgets has hiked in our day to day life. And these mobile phones have given a big dramatic change in everyone’s life in this 21st century.

Everyone is utilizing a mobile phone from old people to small kids and from lover to single men or women. Even small kids are just going crazy without the mobile phone. The trending tool in a mobile phone is the applications given in it.

You and I cannot predict the weather all the time, so the modern technology gives us a hand to give an accurate weather through the application system that connects the satellite through the internet. Thus, we can have the best and the accurate weather report.

Now we are going to see a roundup of top five weather app for Android mobiles in 2017.

Top 5 Weather Apps for Android in 2017

Prepare yourself for all kind of weather because this round up will project you the weather app for the well-prepared journey.

  • Weather Timeline
  • YoWindow
  • Dark Sky
  • More Cast
  • WeatherBug

Weather Timeline

Weather Timeline brings you the useful and genuine features wind up togeather for a wonderful weather notification. The origin of the name of the app is from its preliminary function. It is a timeline that contains weather updates.

You have an option of choosing five weather alert to warn when the changes occur in the weather. Along with these features, you have a map fixed to this application. The best part is you have a graph showcase on pressure, temperature, and precipitation. This app is for purchase.


The YoWindow weather application is a good looking app for Android. YoWindow utilizes cartoon scenery that imitates the true weather than using the icons like cloud and sun. The reports with regards to the weather are accurate. YoWindow weather app is also for purchase.

Dark Sky

The name of the application is quite threatening, right? Don’t worry it is a friendly application that warns you from bad weather. Although the design is not much attractive, it gives some useful to the users every minute. However, you have to pay an annual subscription.

More Cast

More cast app has more attraction in looking as well as the weather reports. All the weather information of the past, present, and future life in a swipe of this application. It gives a real feel in the weather projection.


A trendy and a unique design to project the weather in your Android application. It can forecast the weather in your place as well as the place beside you. An accuracy of the weather information and the best part of this application is the customization.


If you can’t predict the weather, need not worry about it because you have your friend to one that conveys you about the weather details. Choose your best one among the top five weather application for Android 2017.

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