i-Boating:Free Marine Charts & Fishing Maps

Vector marine charts on your browser

iBoating, #1 marine navigation app for Android  has released a browser app showcasing vector marine charts and lake maps, making it the first web app of its kind.

The fishing  web app is available at http://fishingapp.gpsnauticalcharts.com  and includes the following features.

●      Worldwide coverage: Includes US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand (Other regions coming soon):

●      HD contours: 1 ft bathymetry is available for over 5000 US lakes (and growing). This makes it really easy to identify those humps and holes and plan a route growing over those humps when fishing.

●      Switch background maps to Street Maps, USGS Satellite Imagery and more: To get an idea of the nearby terrain and streets, you can switch basemap to USGS aerial imagery or even regular street maps.

●      Change depth unit to feet, meter or fathom: All depth contours, soundings and depth areas are shown in feet. But you can switch it to fathom or meters.

●      Distance bearing tool

●      Display latitude, longitude under cross hairs

●      Rotate maps using mouse or standard touch gesture (Text stays upright on rotation).

●      Tilt Maps / Bird’s Eye View

i-Boating Chart Plotter Applications

i-Boating is a native chart plotter  application available for iOS, Android & Windows devices.  It  includes all the features that you would find in a high end plotter.  The application includes vector marine charts and lake maps.

●      Hardware accelerated Vector charts

●      Route Assistance with Voice Alerts

●      AIS Tracking

●      Custom Depth Shading & Water Level Offset

●      Works with existing marine electronics over NMEA

●      Offline charts with HD contours

●      Sonar split screen display

●      Autofollow with real time track overlay

ENC Chart Coverage

i-Boating  includes ENC/Vector charts covering North America (US & Canada), Europe (includes Baltic sea, Mediterranean & Black Sea),, Australia, parts of Middle East & Asia.

Look at the PDF Below


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