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Headphones That Are Noise-Cancelling and What That Really Means

What are noise-cancelling headphones are ones that reduce unwanted ambient sounds by using active noise control. This is distinct from headphones that are passive which, when reducing ambient sounds at all, use techniques such as soundproofing.

Block out

When it comes to the various styles of headphone that use block out background noise, there are 2 main designs built to do that. Noise cancelling headphones have been popular for more. Noise isolating headphones – tend to have more confusion surrounding them.

Are they the same thing?

Which one will keep the noise out better? They have compared Noise Isolating vs. Noise Cancelling. What is the difference – the answer to this question lies in the design of each headphone. Noise isolating and cancelling come in different shapes and sizes. Noise isolating ‘Phones reply on the build design to keep noise out. On the other side, rather than just relying on the building design – headphones with ANC (active noise cancelling) have a special technology for that purpose.

Apple vs. Crazybaby

If you like Apple’s wireless AirPods ($145) but are not a big find of the cost, the $90 Crazybaby Air Nano could be for you. What you get is a pair of wireless earphones that plug into your ear for a secure fit, so you never worry about it falling out while running. The Air Nano comes with an assortment of various sized ear buds, letting you choose the fit that is the best.

Charging case

Just like the AirPods, the Air Nano earphones come with its own case the size of a capsule for charging with each pair able to go for 3 hours on one charge, while the case holds up to 12 hours of charge time. It also has fast charging – 5 minutes gets you 1.5 hours of listening time on the earpieces.

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