Hacking techniques and tools

Hackers can also eavesdrop on your phone calls. Public Wi-Fi provides ample opportunities for hackers to gain access to your system.  Also, shock factor is another turning point in a revolution of hacking ideas. They try to attract your interest by providing a link to something seemingly scandalous but what it really does is direct you to a link, requesting you to download the video. By doing so, you’re exposing your system to all possible risk.

It’s important that you don’t go around nonchalantly clicking on anything on the net. First, check whether the video is genuine by googling it. Chances are someone has already discovered that it’s a virus and reported it.

Altered URL’s is another ingenious way of tricking people into clicking a link that may seem authentic at first look. Hackers will change the URL to a small degree so it appears more or less the same as the original, thus luring people into a trap.

A lot of us tend to use the same passwords on all sites like ourFacebook password and email password may be the same. This makes it all the more easy for a hacker to sign into any of your accounts andby this means, paving way to hack into your bank account by going through e-mails.

This also can be prevented by using the two factor authentication. This is a feature that makes it harder for outsiders to access your account due to security questions or asking you type a generated code that was sent to your phone.

An encryption code is a hidden message but hackers can break into routers that typically use the WEP encryption. This is an outdated encryption software and hackers have already designed ways to crack this. You could choose to use WPA2 which is apparently the most secure type of encryption.

Professional hackers can also impersonate big credible companies and deceive you into giving personal information. They can masquerade as a reputable well known bank and ask for details that are privy only to your bank like the PIN number, thus stealing money with just a click away.

They have even found ways to scam people that use ATM devices by covering the keypad with a thin layer of plastic or such to trace your pass code. In some cases, hidden cameras are installed to watch you in action.

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