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Get The Best Home Theater Experience With Samsung M4500 Soundbar


A soundbar is a type of a device which is in a wide tube-like structure. Soundbar basically consists series of speakers aligned in a tube-shaped enclosure in order to provide a surround sound experience. Soundbars are basically used with televisions, computers and other devices to play different kinds of multimedia and have a good home theatre experience. Soundbar usually consists of two or more than two sub-woofers and can be connected to devices using different types of cables or wirelessly using Bluetooth.

The Samsung HW-M4500 Soundbar

Samsung HW-M4500 is a curved shaped soundbar manufactured by Samsung, a South Korean electronics company. Samsung is one of the most reputed companies which makes the best in class electronic devices, samsung m4500 is a specially curved designed soundbar. Its curve-shaped design provides better surround sound feel as compared to a normal conventional shaped soundbar. The samsung m4500 was released in the year 2016, Samsung introduced it along with its curved LED TV range. The soundbar is especially suitable for the Samsung curved LED TV but it works with all the other multimedia devices.

Features Of Samsung M4500 Soundbar

Some of the other features of samsung m4500 soundbar are:

  • Samsung m4500 soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer which provides high bass, providing excellent home theater quality.
  • The soundbar has a 2.1 surround sound channel which gives a dynamic feel in the audio.
  • HDMI cable connectivity is supported in the Samsung soundbar allowing it to transmit good digital quality audio and connect to various devices such as computers and also projectors.
  • Dolby Digital 2 channel is dedicated to providing a digital theater-like experience and providing cinematic sound feel to the users.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is also supported in the samsung m4500soundbar which allows it to simply pair to any device wirelessly. Users can play their favorite music using their mobile devices, tablets, televisions or smart TV with the help of Bluetooth.
  • Dedicated remote control which is included with the soundbar allows you to control the various functions of the soundbar. Also,Samsung one remote function allows you to use your 2017 and latest samsung TV remotes to control the soundbar.
  • Samsung software on various devices for the soundbar keeps updating and brings new services and functions which could be used with the soundbar.
  • Easy installation of this soundbar can be done, all the parts and user manual for the installation of the soundbar comes in the box with it by the help of which this could be easily installed.

The samsung m4500 is one of the best Samsung soundbars with best features and can be bought from various online and shopping stores easily

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