Top 7 Features of Word Search Game

Interesting android games are really hard to find even in the play store. In addition to this war games and RPG games are spreading so fast that users are feeling less interest in intellectual games. However, there is no reason to think that there are no intellectual games in the market. If you are really willing to play such a game, the right option is before you in the form of Word Search.

Find words that are mentioned in the given board is what you have to do in the game. You will be allotted a time frame to complete your searching. More words, you can complete more will be the points gained by you. Go through the eminent features of the game. This will help you find and play the game in a different style.

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Features of  the Word Search Game 

  1. Word Search is a game, where you will have to find different words hidden in the grid.
  2. There are three grids available for you to play. The easiest one is 6×6 while the other two options are 8×8 and 12×12.
  3. You can make words in three ways – vertical, horizontal and diagonal. It is not that the word will be visible only in the forward direction, but it can be made from back side too.
  4. You will have to create most number of words, within the time frame.
  5. The game is not where you will have to loose, if you are leaving in the middle of it. You will find the pause option before you to support your action.
  6. If you feel that you could have scored higher in the game than restart the set from the beginning and start making words.
  7. The game is going through different updates and they will be seen in your game automatically. Just select auto update option in the app page.

Thus, the game word search is one of the top available intellectual games available in the android market. If you are confident enough with your vision and intelligence, just try out this game.

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