The Evolution of Android Operating System

Android is, by far, one of the most dominant mobile Operating System in the world today. According to studies, more than 80% of all the phones around the world are powered by Android. Now, you would guess that developing the Android system is not an easy thing to do. But is it really that way? In this quest to understand the evolution of Android Operating System, let us first understand the issues that are there with Android development.

Problematic IDEs – One of the biggest issues with Android development is Problematic or ‘buggy’ IDEs.  Android has an official IDE –Eclipse. Well, Eclipse is infamous for making people go crazy. In almost every step you would face issues.

OS Fragmentation – Till Gingerbread, everything was rosy in the Android world. However, the entire system was overhauled with the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich. Developers have to deal with new UI Elements, new screen densities and much more. This created a range of problems as you had to create keeping in mind both the developments.

Slow Emulators – Emulators are an essential for the testing of the apps. After all, you cannot just buy 20 different phones and test them individually. Emulators solved the problem but the issue was they were dead slow.

The Birth of Lollipop

All of that was creating a lot of problems. Just Google decided to shake things up and that led to the birth of Lollipop. When Lollipop came out, a lot of things have changed. We had more advanced hardware, which included smartwatches. New software like Android studio was there. Therefore, the timing could not more perfect.

The Development of Android Studio

Fortunately, we also got a new IDE –Android Studio. Android Studio solves a lot of issues that was there with the previous versions. The first stable version –version 1.0 was released and suddenly things became a lot simpler.

Material Design

Material design language became one of the central pillars of Android system. Material design is simple and you would develop attractive apps that help you to develop an amazing app.

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