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Digital Printing or Offset Printing – What Should You Consider?

Printing business is one of the oldest businesses that we know and this sector is evolving with the help of technology. Every other business is dependent on printing firms in one way or the other. Right from having the company logo printed on a paper to making letter heads or visiting cards, a printing company’s role is prime. Companies like Doculand have made a big name in the printing business.

Of late, a lot of firms are confused when it comes to choosing the digital printing service as against offset printing. This article will throw a light on both.

In the past few years, the digital printing has been getting popular because of its easy affordability, the advancements in technology and also the availability of more number of options than what was available before. Of late, there have been hundreds of new digital printing firms that have made their presence online, making the task of printing much more easily accessible to all. The sudden growth in digital printing has also caused quite some confusion for all those companies that have been using the traditional printing services.Image result for Digital Printing or Offset Printing - What Should You Consider?

A decent knowledge of the digital and the offset printing is necessary for businesses to make the right choice.

Offset printing: This is one of the most traditionally used services and it is highly trusted because of its reputation since ages.

When it comes to the offset printing, the image template is first put on a plate and then it is moved from that plate to a sheet that is made of rubber, and from there it is transferred to the printing surface. This tedious process is not very easily editable and the entire process needs to be repeated to even make minor changes.

This process is done with the repulsion of water and oil. The design image that needs to be printed will get the ink from the rollers and the non printable area will be left out without getting ink marks.

Digital Printing: In case you have a desktop printer at your residence, then you are pretty much aware with the technical process of this sort of printing. A lot of steps that are involved in the offset printing are all eliminated in this type of printing. Therefore this is much more cost effective.

Benefits of Digital Printing

  • Quick Delivery of projects
  • Cost effective for small projects
  • Easy availability option of the variable data (printing)

Benefits of Offset Printing

  • High quality image, fantastic resolution.
  • A lot of printing surfaces materials used that include the wood, cloth, paper and other materials.
  • Cost effective when volume is huge.

This would have given you a brief understanding as to which service is apt for you. Choose your printing services wisely as it may impact your business.

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