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Devastating and Biggest Data Breaches in the 21st Century

The data breaches are a common daily happening in the contemporary world with as many as 2244 daily hackings and 39 seconds a hacking averagely. However, there are incidents of the security breach which are smaller in quantities and some with larger quantities, but the most devastating and biggest were some 18 data breaches in the 21st century. These 18 most devastating data breaches were prioritised not only on the large numbers records compromised but also on the damage and risk they caused for the companies and organizations, users and insurers as well as account holders.

The 18 biggest data breaches in the 21 century are yahoo data breach in 2013-14, Marriott International data breach in 2014-15, the Adult Friend Finder data breach in 2016, the eBay data breach in 2014, the Equifax data breach in 2017, the Heartland Payment Systems data breach in 2008, the Target Stores data breach in 2013, The TJX companies data breach in 2006, The Uber data breach in 2016, The JP Morgan Chase data breach in 2014, The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) data breach in 1012-14, Sony’s PlayStation Network data breach in 2011, the Anthem data breach in 2015, the RSA Security data breach in 2011, the Stuxnet data breach in 2010, the Verisign data breach in 2010, the Home Depot data breach in 2014, and the Adobe data breach 2013.

The Yahoo data breach in 2013-14 is considered to be the biggest data breach ever happened in the world involving three billion user accounts and 500 million users’ phone numbers. The Yahoo was one of the most dominant and biggest internet giants which was in the process of negotiation with Verizon to sell the Yahoo. Yahoo announced of the data breach caused probably through a state-sponsored actor which eventually compromised the names, addresses, birth dates and other details of three billion users. Later in October 2017, Yahoo admitted that the entire three billion users accounts were compromised by the attack.

The damage caused by the Yahoo data breach was estimated at $ 350 million. However, the Verizon paid $ 4. 48 billion for the core internet business of Yahoo. The Yahoo which was founded in the year 1994 was once upon time valued at $ 100 billion and after the sale to Verizon, the company changed the name to Altaba. Inc. Until now, there are no other occurrences of data breaches that are as devastating as the Yahoo incident.

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