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How to Convert Any .TS Extension to Other Video Formats

You’ve perhaps come across movie files with “.ts” on Blu-rays. If you’ve ever been curious on playing these movies on cell phones and other portable devices, you only need a decoder for converting TS files to accessible format like MP4

TS converters

TS converters allow re-coding TS to other video formats, HD video formats. You will be able toadaptTS to AVI, TS to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, TS to MP4, video and more formats like 3GP, FLV, WMV, M4V, MPEG, VOB; etc. This is also TS converter for mac.

Converts to various formats

It also converts TS to various file formats for use with devices such as smartphones.

Easy to do

With user friendly devices, anyone can convert quite easily video and have excellent output quality. This TS video converter allows you to convert from TS to most common audio and video formats, such as MOV to WMV and M4A to MP3. It also lets you convert AVI to iPad, iPhone, and a multitude of other devices like Android smartphones, PSP, Windows Phone, Xbox One and many more.

Follow directions

With some user experience or the ability to follow instructions, anyone can easily convert TS video to other formats. With TS file converter, you can watch your TS video on all portable players.

MPEG – transport stream

A TS file is an MPEG ‘transport stream’; it’s not at all the same container as a ‘program stream’ (typically .mpeg). Transport streams can contain multiple independent groups of video/streams, and have a load of error correction data (making .ts files large). They’re typically for broadcast systems where channels are multiplexed and the transmission medium may be not good. For PC use where file integrity is (hopefully) assured, you will save space and improve compatibility by converting to a Program Stream.

There are many very good video converters for free on the internet – just Google “.TS to .MOV”.


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