Concerned about increasing printing costs in your office? Don’t miss these tips!

Most offices and commercial establishments need to spend a considerable amount on printer cartridges and paper each month. If you check the percentage of this cost in the budget of office supplies, the numbers will stun you in more ways than one. In this special post, we will talk about the smarter ways you can reduce printing costs significantly.

Necessity vs. practice

Sadly, many office managers don’t realize that printing certain documents and papers is not important anymore. In the age of computers, a lot of printing works can be digitized effectively, which is a huge advantage and can help saving a lot of money. Keep in mind that reducing printing costs is not about the expenses alone, it’s also about saving paper, which is again important for the environment.

Use a good printer

After years of use, even the best printers must be replaced. Make sure that your printers are updated and replaced when required. Old printers tend to use more ink, which can increase the cost of cartridges. Even the cartridges for cheaper brands cost more than $25, and by using a better printer, you can keep a check on that.

Shop online

No matter whether you are looking for a new printer or replenishing cartridges, you must check online stores for the better deals. Unlike retailers, online sellers don’t have too many overheads, which is why they often have decent discounts on most products. For example, if you shop for Brother ink cartridges from, you can get a free gift. Online stores also have coupons and codes, which can be used further to save more on bulk orders for office supplies.

Keep two printers, at least

Color printouts are expensive for obvious reasons, and more often than not, office documents don’t need to be printed in color. Keep a bigger printer for printing black & white documents, because the cost of printing each page will come down considerably. For color printing, you can go for a smaller printer, depending on how many printouts you usually need each day.

Lastly, keep a check on how printers are being used. Unfortunately, high printing costs are often a result of misuse on behalf of employees. You may also want to instruct your office managers to supervise the use of printers, so that some of the unwanted expenses and uses can be minimized. Check online and buy cartridges at cheap prices now!

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