How to choose the best VoIP phone

Many companies nowadays use outdated, expensive and obsolete telephone systems. VoIP has revolutionized the telephony business by providing solutions to the inefficiencies that have plagued the market. Companies that have VoIP in mind may be looking for cost savings or the lack of maintenance that this type of telephony implies. If you run a professional company, especially in Dubai, you may need what’s offered by Panasonic PBX System UAE.

There is no doubt that phone systems have provided service to many customers for a generation, but today businesses need more than just a phone to call. With a growing mobile market is essential to have features that make our phones are flexible, that can follow us everywhere. Now you do not run around the house to pick up the phone because you carry it in your pocket, and your business phone must be the same.

Where most old phones provide the same function, VoIP phones offer a wide variety of features that vary greatly depending on your needs. Here are some of the most important factors in decision making. You can customize the system with the characteristics of your company and based on our experience, Panasonic Phones Dubai is the best recommendation in Dubai.


The basic characteristics that are used in the day on a normal basis include the number of lines a phone can support. Do you want to be able to handle 4 calls at a time? Do you want 8? Do you want a color screen? How easy is it to change the configuration of the sounds or the volume of the calls? Is it easy to use voice mail? Do you need to be able to access video conferences? Are you interested in buying a hands-free kit? What type of network does your company have? All these questions are important when choosing a phone.

Telephone costs

For small and medium enterprises, unnecessary expenses are the number one enemy. Although switching to VoIP telephony often has great cost savings compared to traditional telephony, these savings are applied to the purchase of quality products. The purchase of phones that are difficult to use, or that have poor reception can become the opposite of savings. Quality must be the number one factor when buying a phone of this type.

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