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How LUXORR and its Visual Light Communication (VLC) Technology is paving its way for a future of connected Intelligent/Smart Cities

Visual Light Communication (VLC) is the transmitting of light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs, that bring lightning-fast connectivity, to an infrastructure that advances solutions from the limitations now faced by radio-controlled Wi-Fi and shaping the future of Intelligent/Smart Cities Connecting the smart city: The future of an Intelligent/Smart City is materializing with the advancement of next generation…

Working with Next Generation Firewalls

Secure Data Technologies, Inc is a substructure technology company that offers their clients: Consulting Solutions Professional service Managed services They offer these services in 4 defined practices including: Data center Collaboration Network Security They have deep commitment to partnership for the long-term and also providing tech stewardship to empower business transformation. Assurance to St. Louis…