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Should you buy a sit-stand desk? Find relevant details here!

Slogging at your work desk for more than 8 to 9 hours a day can have a negative impact on your health. In fact, sitting has been linked to back and spinal problems for the longest time. If you are looking for an alternative, a sit stand desk may fit the bill. As the name indicates, a sit-stand desk designed to allow the user to sit and stand as they need, and the desk with the screen and other things can be adjusted. Think of this as an adjustable desk, which allows you to sit and stand at your own will. So, should you buy one? Here’s our take.

The options

There are some sit-stand desks that work as standalone pieces of furniture, which means you will have to throw away your existing desk and get one of these as a replacement. If you existing desk is already big enough, you can also choose to go for a sit-stand unit, which can be placed on the existing desk. It is matter of personal choice and space available.

Things to understand

The whole purpose of a sit-stand desk is to ensure that you can sit and stand at will, which means height adjustment is an important factor to look for. Also, not every person has the same kind of job, so you don’t want to buy something blindly. In offices, the same desk is often used by a bunch of people, so it makes sense to find a desk that can be easily used by everyone. Secondly, check if the product is durable enough. This is again important, because you may have to place a lot of things, including your computer, basic stationery and other smaller items. Make sure that you have checked the weight capacity before taking a call.

Pricing and other aspects

The cost of sit-stand desks can vary. Standalone desks are more expensive for obvious reasons, so expect to pay around $300 or more. You also need to check a few basic things. For example, how much noise does the desk make? It can impact your work space environment. Secondly, the desk should be easy to use. Changing or shifting between one position to the other should be easy. Some of the sit-stand desks work on electrical adjustments, while others are meant for manual setting.

Compare these aspects and take a call accordingly. The right sit-stand desk can transform your experience at work.

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