Best Cameras of 2017

Every time many begin looking for a new camera on the internet, time is wasted for browsing to get the most current information.

Website information

Also, different websites give different information. I worked on getting the top 5 cameras for 2017, and I ran this search on several websites getting different information.

There is one website that with some items such as compare cameras devices side by side, on one single page, without the need to open any other web page. This didn’t work well with cell phones but with cameras it worked great.


I first wanted to search for the best Canon cameras but there are so many available models. Canon is by far the best camera company in the world. If you want a Canon, it is best to have something in mind before beginning.

Best camera for 2017

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

This camera is built on the powerful 5D series offering some refinements that are amazing in performance, image quality, and versatility.

  • Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital SLR

The Canon EOS Rebel T5 is a great family camera and easy to capture photos and movies.

  • Nikon Black D750 FX

For those who can find motivation everywhere, and switch between stills and video without missing a beat, this is the camera for you.

  • Nikon D7500 DX-format Digital SLR

Born from the craving for top performance in a more compact and efficiently connected camera, the D7500 brings resolve, ISO range, image processing and energy efficiency of the D500 enthusiast level DSLR.

  • Pentax K-311 Pentax DSLR

There is no one single camera that can “do it all”, but the Pentax K-3 DSLR comes close.

Second list brand name cameras

  • Canon
  • Canon
  • Olympus
  • Sony
  • Nikon

This list is for the Hot Shot type cameras that are priced to sell to anyone and are so efficient that any photo comes out very well. The first list is of more expensive cameras usually used by people in their profession – they cost several thousands of dollars.

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