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More on ArchiveFS and New Product IP Spider

Version 3.460 of ArchiveFS has been established for release Feb 2018. It will comprisesome new features with functionality that will let users tag files for archiving, and care for project\folder archiving to help our clients in the financial and legal sectors.

Unlike other file server programs

Unlike nearly all other file server software for archiving solutions, MLtek doesn’t try to store your files in a database. In its place they use a share that you create anywhere on your network. It is the use of NTFS from start to finish that makes this solution so fast, reliable and incredibly scalable. NTFS permissions are exactly maintained on your files and folders after they have been processed (unlike most database centered products), and you get all the features you’d expect. These include shortcuts that can be left behind so that users can recall files without needing to trouble IT staff, and as they don’t require a database to store information in processed files it is extremely cost effective to deploy. You can even migrate files over a WAN to a cloud service like Azure, AWS or Google Cloud.


Allthese sums up to give you massive scalability and at an unbelievable price. Our clients come from anassortment of experiences including everything from multi-billion-dollar multi-nationals to local departments of government, health authorities, educational institutions and everything in between. This program can not only help you make the most of your current storage tier, but they can also help with regulatory compliance like Data Protection and even the new EU based GDPR requirements.

Have you wondered

Have you ever sat there and wondered why there isn’t a simple yet effective way to tackle the years and years’ worth of old files that have built up on your file server? Why do all the solutions that are available revolve around trying to leverage a database to deal with what is essentially a file system issue? Well, ArchiverFS is different…

File system level

ArchiverFS works at the file system level and it gives you a structured way to migrate all of your old and unused files to 2nd tier storage, without trying to store files, pointers to files or even file metadata in a database.

Features expected

You will get all the features you would expect such as:

  • Stubs seamless that can be left in the place of old files once they have been moved.
  • Reporting.
  • A wealth of choices to control how files are moved like file age, size, type, etc.
  • Ability to compress files once they have been archived.

But you also get scalability that is massive, operation free of agent and compatibility with massive technologies like de-duplication and DFS.

Interested? Full details for ArchiverFS can be found check here

Subscription licenses now available for ArchiverFS

Over the last few years they have had many requests to introduce a subscription-based licensing model for ArchiverFS.

Up until now all licenses were perpetual and worked on a ‘buy once use forever’ basis with annual support renewals. Despite the licensing cost being a fraction of our nearest competitors and the fact that ArchiverFS already represented amazing value for money; this model had the effect of front loading a lot of the costs. Being able to offer a subscription-based license alongside the perpetual licenses enable us to provide a way to spread the initial costs more evenly over years 2+.

Struggling to find help with file system

So, if your stressed to find a cost-effective yet simple way to get to grips with yourextensive file system, why not have a look at ArchiverFS? Whether your file system is <1TB in size or multiple Petabytes, it can help you bring some order to the chaos and…

  • Save money on backups by plummeting how much data you back up.
  • Cut your restore in the event of a disaster.
  • Help you ensure compliance with the applicable legislation in your region regarding the retention of information e.g. the Data Protection Act in the UK.
  • Enable you to free up significantly more space on your expensive first line storage.

You can download the trial version of ArchiverFS for free and give it a test drive. The trial download is fully featured and it will enable you to fully explore all it has to offer on your systems in your own time.

IP Spider

This software is this company’s new monitoring network router. It does somewhat exceptional in the monitoring world. Rather than focus on the endpoints, it is created to monitor the network routes between them. You can add hundreds of IP addresses and IP Spider will watch over the routes hop by hop to the remote addresses of the IP, notifying you when losing connectivity and it will diagnose exactly where the problem is. IP Spider is currently in development and will soon be looking for Beta testing sites. If you would like to take part, please drop an email to us at Sales@mltek.net

They are presently looking for organizations to help in trialsof this newest product, IP Spider. Preferably you need to be an organization that is heavily dependent on external TCP/IP connectivity, and quite possibly in the telecom’s sector.

High fidelity network

IP Spider is a massively multi-threaded high-fidelity network route monitoring solution. It is designed for use by organizations that absolutely must know not just if their external connections are up, but if they are down, why they are down. Even in the most complex environments it can identify exactly where a loss of connectivity has occurred within seconds down to the exact hop, even if you are routing over the public internet.

Beta sites

They will be offering all beta sites big discounts on IP Spider once it is on general release in 2018. If you are interested let them know.

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