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Are android tablets on the verge of becoming extinct?

Several years ago, owning an Android Tablet would raise a few eyebrows. It was a way to start conversations or show others that you were technologically advanced. Androids were a rarity and most reminded people of those super amazing tech screens in their favorite science fiction movies. The media hopped on board. Some even insisted that the Android Tablet would replace the laptop and the computer. The Android Tablet filled that little vacant area between the basic smart-phone and the computer. The tablets boasted a higher processor than a smart-phone, but were not competition for the basic computer.

Android Tablet Popularity

Androids filled that middle ground for people. They were more powerful than the standard smart-phone and equipped with more features. In addition, their processor had enough power to tackle more tasks. This feature was very attractive to people that were attracted to the portability displayed by the mobile device. The Android Tablet was a great little device for people that liked to keep in touch with friends on the go. It was also a great instrument for multitasking. For example, the device made it a simple task to check email on the go, surf the Internet, post comments to social media sites, play games, listen to music, or even watch a favorite program. In addition, the screen was much larger than the basic smart-phone screen. Things change rapidly in the tech world. Today, the tablet is almost obsolete.

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Why Tablets Are Still A Good Entry Level Device

Many high tech firms still have great confidence in the Android Tablet Those companies still believe that the basic tablet is still a very flexible and easy to use device for the novice or those that are not technologically advanced as some computer users. The tablet is still a great device for the following:

  • School Kids – Tablets are idea devices for school kids that are envious of their parent’s laptops, computers, and smartphones. They are able to perform basic tasks, play games, and listen to music.
  • Reading – The Tablet is a wonderful device for reading books. More books are published in the ebook form. They have a screen size of 7 or 8 inches which is perfect for on the fly reading or leisurely reading.
  • Entertainment –  A basic tablet is packed with enough processor power to allow the user to play games, watch their favourite movies, or simply listen to music. Take it along on trips or vacation.

The Android Tablets have certainly evolved over the last few years. Now, the devices are equipped with a much faster processor, higher storage capacities, and support millions of applications. Still, the tablets sales are falling. Android Development Company insiders find this is due to the changing tech market and the new smart-phones with bigger screens and faster processors taking their place. Still, the tablets are not extinct. There is still plenty of room for Android tablets in homes, at work, or for fun. The fact is that tablets are still a fun item to deal with because of their versatility.

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