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At Should You Know About SEO Image Optimization?

Image optimization is much more important in modern SEO than what you may think at the moment. Although you may think differently, people now look for data by using all the options they have. This does include sites like Google Images and Bing Images. If you optimize images present on your site you actually manage to increase your traffic and even help the site’s main keywords to be better ranked. If you want to create a blog now and you want it to perform really well, remember the following SEO image optimization tips.

Always Use Eye Catching Images For SEO Image Optimization

This is not 100% related to SEO but it is important. You want to be sure that the images you use are eye catching because this will increase click rates on both social media websites and in search engines. The great content that you have is always going to be a lot better with the use of quality images that are related to everything you share

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Use Keywords

The image will have a file name. You want it to include keywords. In many cases we see that file name does not properly describe the image. That is why it will not rank high and it will not help the page it appears one. SEO image optimization automatically means that the image is a part of your overall strategy. When you have content that talks about some recipes, the file name has to include the word recipe in it.

Using Alt Text And Tags

A search engine bot will not see the image as the human sees it. Because of this, you want to use alt text and alt tags. These are basically used to highlight what the image is about. Make sure that the words you use for the attributes are related to content keywords. A proper description will always help ranking in the image search engines.

The Anchor Text

An anchor text is what you use as text when a link is present. Webmasters can always add links to the image. If this happens it is really important that the anchor text is carefully chosen. Always be sure that you never add something that is not relevant or that you do not actually add the text.


By now every single site owner in the world should know that keyword spamming is a really bad idea in modern SEO. However, we still see so many cases in which this happens. It seems like people just think that when they use images there won’t be any spam that would appear. This is incorrect. You can always end up overdoing it with every single fact that we mentioned above. The biggest mistake is always to simply add too many keywords and having a keyword density that is simply too high.

The bottom line is that SEO optimization should always include images. That will help you so much more than what you may think. Always focus on quality and on making this as natural as possible. This is what search engines want to see.

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