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A Management Database is CMDB and BDNA Corporation

Configuration management database is a storehouse that is planned to store many of the components of an information system. A configuration management database contains data describing managed resources like application software and computer systems or process artifacts like problem, incident, and change records, and the relationships among these entities. A CMDB represents the certified configuration of the major components of the information technology environment.

A key goal of configuration management database is to help an organization to understand the relationships between various components and track their configuration. The configuration management database is a fundamental component of the information technology infrastructure library framework’s configuration management process. The implementations may join together with knowledge management, change management, and authorization.


  • Establish and maintain relationships between configuration items.
  • Ability to add default attributes and Relationships to a configuration items type.
  • Tracks and manages all the Configuration Items in the IT environment.

The configuration items within the configuration database are categorized into specific configuration item types. Each CI Type is represented with relationships and attributes that are exclusive for the CIs classified under it. Quality is data elements that describe the characteristics of CIs under the CI Type. BDNA Corporation makes the most authoritative venture technology data.

This is armed with this invaluable information; enterprises will make the best choice possible, lower costs and danger as well as increase speed the pace of their business. It maintains the most current, complete and dependable content storehouse about software and hardware. This catalog is the foundation from which it creates the maximum quality venture technology data in the industry, which in turn results in insight, visibility and information enterprises can have faith. It offers platform that standardizes and consolidates data from dissimilar sources into a organized centralized data source.

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