5 reasons why you should choose SIM only deals

If you have a mobile phone you cherish, even though it may be a few years old and want to continue to use it, you can now choose SIM only deals as mobile plan.

The most common way to obtain a phone is to choose a long contract that also comes with a mobile phone. This can be an expensive way to buy or renew your phone with mobile phone contract deals, if you already love the phone that you have, but still want to continue to retain it.

For this kind of scenario, SIM only deals are your best option as you are only buying a SIM with a tariff from the mobile operator.

In this post we will provide some of the best reasons to choose SIM only deals which have some good benefits.

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1. Flexibility with SIM only deals

SIM only deals provide greater flexibility as you are not tied to a long contract. From yourmob.co.uk you can get deals for just 30 days on a rolling contract. There are also deals for a longer contract of 12 months with more benefits such as promotional offers from the networks. UK operator Three with 3 SIM only deals are offered in both 30 days and 12 months deals. As the monthly contracts are shorter, you are able to change or cancel with a short notice period.

2. Cheaper than a contract mobile phone

As you are not paying for a contract hands set which is subsidised by the network SIM only deals are far cheaper for the same amount of minutes, data and texts.

For more savings choosing the 12 months SIM only deals as you can save even more and get extra in the tariff like more minutes or data.

3. Negotiate with your network

Many mobile phone customers have managed to make extra saving by calling up their network and getting a much better deal. Sometimes saying you want to cancel or switch to another provider is enough for the network to offer you a much better deal. Vodafone are know for getting a better SIM card deal.

4. Keep your mobile number

This may not seem that important at first but is essential if you don’t want the hassle of informing all your contacts to update to a new number. You can ask your current provider for PAC code which you can then use to keep your number on the new SIM only plan.

5. More convenient than PAYG

Pay as you go has its benefits but does have some major cons. If you find that you have run out of credit you would have to top up each time before you can use the service. You also get less value when compared to SIM only.

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