5 Benefits Of A Quality Office Chair

Whether you work at an office desk or your office is in your home, you need quality office chairs at 123inkcartridges.ca.  While it might be true that you can sit in any chair that fits at your desk, there are several benefits to sitting in a well-designed office chair.


Of course, one of the most important aspects of a good office chair is back support; otherwise you might just use a stool.  The back support should provide firm resistance but also enough softness for a comfortable position.  In addition, you want a chair with adjustable support that also has at least some reclining ability for flexible use.  If you have the right chair, in fact, it might actually help you improve your posture which will eliminate back pain, stiffness, even fatigue.


You also want an office chair with adequate padding in the seat.  It is best if the front of the seat is rounded as a straight cut along the front edge can hinder circulation at the back of the knee.  


You also need to find a chair in which you best fit. Basically you don’t want to feel like you are falling to one side or that you had to squeeze in to sit down.  If the chair has armrests, make sure you can change positions comfortably and easily.  Adjustable armrests are good, too, particularly if more than one person will sit in the chair. Quality armrests also help to alleviate pressure on the neck and shoulders when sitting and reading.


While most chairs are built to a standard size and height, that is not how all people are made. Indeed we are all different sizes and heights and shapes and that means you should look for a chair with a wide adjustable height range.  Chair backs are built to support the different muscle groups of the back so you need to set your chair height appropriately. Effectively, you want your thighs parallel to the ground, and your spine perpendicular, while typing.


Finally, you want a chair that feels stable when you sit in it.  Not only is it unsafe if your chair topples over, but it can be bad for your posture to sit in a chair that is unstable. If you are constantly having to shift your weight, for example, to compensate for the chair’s inadequacies, you will quickly tire, even just sitting and reading.

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