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4 Simple Steps ToFully Optimize Your SEO Campaign

 If you go to any search engine and type in ‘how to optimize for SEO,’ or anything along those lines, you will be shown literally thousands of pages of content on what SEO is and how to use it.

With such a huge number of different resources on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it can understandably become overwhelming when all you want are straightforward answers.

To help you out and simplify things, here are four simple steps on how to fully optimize your SEO marketing campaign:Image result for 4 Simple Steps To Fully Optimize Your SEO Campaign

  1. Learn the Basics of SEO

This may feel redundant, but you have to learn what SEO is before you can begin to apply it. While it may seem complicated with all the resources that are out there, the truth is that SEO is actually far less complex than you may think.

In its most basic form, SEO is simply a series of strategies and techniques aimed at ranking your website high enough on a search engine results page so you can organically bring in more visitors, and specifically via strategically incorporating popular keywords into your content.

There’s obviously far more to learn, but that’s the gist of what SEO is. Simple, right? The SEO Beginners Guide from Google contains a wealth of information on SEO techniques and will be a great place to continue your research.

  1. Learn HTML Code

More appropriately, learn HTML code on a continuous basis. HTML is the basic code that is used to make web pages and distinguish them from one another. The meta description tag of your site in particular will allow you to decide how you would like your site to pop up in search engine results pages, and is thus a perfect opportunity for including an SEO keyword or two. For this reason alone, you will need to begin learning HTML sooner or later if you want to run a successful SEO campaign.Image result for 4 Simple Steps To Fully Optimize Your SEO Campaign

  1. Be Active on Social Media

You may already be active on social media personally, but you also need to be active on social media professionally. Each of the major social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus have tens of millions of users (Facebook is past one billion now). If you can include proper SEO keywords in your social media pages and post the links to your websites, you’ll be marketing yourself to people you otherwise never would have

  1. Analyze Your SEO Efforts

How do you know which components of your SEO campaign have been successful and which components need to be improved upon? The answer is to use a website SEO analysis tool, which will point out any errors in your SEO that you need to fix, which keywords people are using to find your website, and even the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors SEO campaigns.

Don’t Stop

These are the four basic steps that you must follow to fully optimize your SEO campaign, and while each of them could easily be explained in more depth, you should get the idea about what you need to do. Regardless of what niche your website is in, learning SEO techniques will be the best thing you can do to boost your site’s visibility and gain more visitors.


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