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4 Important Things to Keep in Mind before Buying Used Car

The feeling of owning a car is always awesome. It is a daily need in one’s life and it does not matter if it is used or a new one. Owning a car gives a feeling of pride, and in India, people prefer buying used cars as they are well maintained and easily available at affordable prices.

There are certain aspects to be considered while buying from used car sale in Mumbai, Bangalore or any other city for that matter. The business has captured the market so well that online brokers have become fairly popular, not to mention the pre-owned car showrooms available to attract buyers.

Here are some important things that should be kept in mind before buying used car in Mumbai

  1. Check all the relevant documents and also the condition of the car with the help of a qualified mechanic. On getting the confirmation from the mechanic, the next step is to verify the owner’s manual. Always cross-verify the color if it is original. You also need to watch out for a denting and see if polish work has been done to attract buyers.  
  1. If the mechanic says there are some issues with car, then check whether it is minor or major problem. Never prefer buying a car from any third party as they will be adding their commission, causing damage to the buyer’s pocket.
  1. If the deal is finalized, then check for the Registration Certificate. In order to transfer the RC, you need to fill and submit Form No 29-30, which is available at the RTO office. The form has to be signed by both the parties and on submission you will be receiving a receipt within 20 days and within 2 months you will be receiving new RC book.
  1. Last but not the least never forget to service the car before you start driving and if required never hesitate to replace some parts.

Before paying the amount for the car, be alert enough to check the owner’s identity proof like voter card or pan card so that if in future something goes wrong then he can be questioned about the same. Test ride the car in the presence of a mechanic to know properly if any fault is there or not. If you find it to be good, talk right away with the owner regarding what has to be done next.

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