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11 Automatic Pet Feeders for Every Taste and Color


You do not like to get out of bed very early in the morning to feed your beloved cat? You are not the only one. Do you travel a lot too? You will worry about how your cat will live in your absence. Do you also work all day? All these everyday problems can make it difficult to care for your pet. However, it can be easily solved if you get one of the best automatic feeders for cats.


Here is list of 11 best automatic pet feeders on the market

WOPET 1meal Automatic Feeder LY-92

This bowl allows you to set up 1 meal in 48 hours. And you can add Icepack to make sure the food fresh so your dog will love the meal.

Where to buy:  WOPET LY-92

 Price:  19.99USD

Automatic Bowl (2 Meals)

A great option for owners who spend little time at home or often leave for the weekend. Thanks to the timer, the feeder will open at the set time, and the pet will not go hungry. Bowl is designed for 2 meals.

Where to buy:  WOPET 2Meals Feeder

Price:  29.99USD

Automatic Bowl (4 compartments)

Another option is an automatic feeder. Unlike the previous model, it is designed for 4 meals, and feed can be stored in it for up to many days. The owner independently adjusts the opening time of each sector. There is a voice message recording function – it will be played 3 times before each meal.

Where to buy:  WOPET F03

Price:  59.99USD

Bowl with dispenser

This bowl is suitable for pets with a moderate appetite: it allows the animal to choose the time for lunch. The dispenser device is easy to fluffy paws, and therefore does not cause difficulties in handling.

Where to buy:  WOPET LY-104

Price:  55.99USD

Smart Bowl

She has many names: “interactive”, “anti-swallow” and “mat.” This bowl is good for animals that need to lose weight: internal details make it difficult to eat. To eat everything that is in the bowl, the pet will have to spend more time than usual.

Where to buy:  Amazon

Bowl Double F

Not a feeder, but a real royal table. Two compartments for food, stylish design, wooden details – this model will serve not only as a pet bowl, but also will become an interior decoration.

Where to buy:  Amazon

Bowl that recognizes the cat’s identity

This bowl is a true iPhone X in the animal world. It opens only if a cat with a specific chip approaches it. This option is suitable for those who have several pets who strive to get into each other’s bowls.

Where to buy: Amazon

Wi-Fi Video Bowl (WOPET)

With this bowl, the owner will be able to feed the pet, being anywhere in the world – it is enough to have Wi-Fi at hand. All that is required is to connect to the Internet and program the actions of the bowl through the smartphone app.

Where to buy:  WOPET V36

Price:  149.95USD

Heated trough

The internal heating function will not allow food to cool down and will provide the pet with warm water and food at any time, even if there is snowfall outside the window and the heating does not work.

Where to buy:  Amazon

Feeding trough with a box

On the manufacturer’s website, this model is called “Station for feeding dogs”, and not by chance: in addition to two bowls, the design provides a box for food and a special scoop. The crate is designed for 1.5 kg of feed – this amount is enough for a small dog for five days.

Where to buy:  Amazon

Bowl + Fountain

The combination of practicality and originality – a pet bowl and a drinking fountain at the same time. In this case, both parts can be used both together and separately.

Where to buy: Amazon

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