Aerial Photo and Video Company

We, Skysnap, the leading in aerial photo and video company would like you to indulge in a new hobby. Apart from a mere hobby, you get the utility of ‘droning.’ The other name of the drone is UAV -unmanned aerial vehicles.

SkySnap, as the name suggests, takes, managed and analyses the drone videography services in Toronto as well as across Ontario and Canada-wide. With state of the art equipment, we reign the top position as the leading aerial photo and video company. Our dedicated staff is having a cumulative experience of many years in this field. SkySnap can boast to be technically compliant with the rigid security standards as well as legal requirements.

We are at home with aerial photographs whether it is 2D or 3 D, we can also take videos and upload.  We have the state of the art software that can analyse the imaged pretty accurately even to the minute details. You can rely on your specific jobs on us, the leading Aerial Photo and Video Company in Toronto. We also employ the best available camera of the highest pixel rating up to 42 MP.Image result for  Aerial Photo and Video Company

You will get a prompt response from us the Aerial Photo and Video Company. We can accommodate if you need the job on urgent basis.   We know some surveys like after a tornado cannot wait, when your insurance provider insists ion substantiated claims, yes, our aerial photographs and videos are there without any ambiguity. We may employ multiple drones also if the situation demands so.

We have the best pilots, ground staff, data analysts, video streamers, analysts and of course the friendly customer care professionals – just the way you want to respond. We take the assignments seriously with all the versatility it calls for. We keep the equipment in well-maintained conditions with sufficient spares.

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